Skywaft Lounge and Grill With Best Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

Skywaft is an Andhra Style bar and Restaurant known for its exclusivity and heavenly taste, offers you scrumptious, delicious, tasty and flavorful foods. It is a casual dining restaurant where you are assured the best Andhra Style food with an impeccable combination of Chinese and continental cuisines. It also has one of the finest rooftop and sky lounge the enticing ambiance adds vitality and vigor in the environment. Skywaft also cater you unlimited delightful foods that you can devour with zest and rejoice each bite for its appetizing taste and be gratified by the solace of this place.

                      Food here is cooked in a very hygienic atmosphere using fresh ingredients, in a state of art of kitchen fitted with best of equipment’s using all standardized measures to serve you quality food. The measures adopted to provide you unsullied foods using the signature recipe are very precise and suitable because the customers are the foremost priority that should attain gratification by the qualitative service. The sky lounge grill and bar at Skywaft allows you to enjoy your fine dine and drink under the stars and makes it delightful and desirable. It is a perfect place that takes away all your cravings, makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed after working tirelessly all day long, you can enjoy your quality time with office colleagues, friends and family. The candle light dinner is also very bewitching and romantic for young couples; the open air spacious environment creates a unique vibe as it is a perfect atmosphere for celebration, party and bash.

Skywaft has quintessentially the best Sky Bar that allows you to forget the ground crawl to the rooftop and enjoy your drink with friends and office colleagues. It is a perfect place because the sky lounge and bar is enticing and your thirst can be quenched by the finest drinks that are provided and customers can be gratified by it, after working tirelessly all day long. Skywaft also has the best veg and non-veg buffet lunch. Enormous fondness for delicious food and drink can be met here; you can enjoy and be gratified by best beer bar and thoroughly rejoice by the contentment and convenience of this place. This rooftop restaurant offers you comforting food that can create foundation of genuine happiness, flavorful food and drinks with crazy friends can create some amazing memories, you can thoroughly enjoy your quality time and attain some beautiful memories at Skywaft.